Leading Parental Controls - A Kid Safe Internet

Keep your family and kids safe with parental controls that supervise and protect your childs' online devices.

Content Filtering

Filter and block websites for inappropriate content. Choose from a number of categories to filter.

YouTube Filtering

With several different layers of protection, parental control YouTube filtering prevents access to inappropriate videos.


Safesearch and search filtering blocks sites from even appearing in searches for Google and Bing.

Time Management

Set limits for each device – when they can and cannot access the web.

Ad Blocking

Block ads, that simple!

Easy Setup Wixio or Marco

Install the Wixio App on your device and away you go or plug Marco into your current router and you have created a new kids safe wireless environment.

Location Tracking

Track current Location and history with the Wixio App


App Management

View what Apps are installed.


App Blocking (Android)

App blocking on demand or scheduled.

Wixio App

An iPhone or Android app that goes with your device.

Protects Anywhere.

Marco Internet Router

A home based internet router that filters all your content in your home.

Creates a whole house kid safe Internet zone.

0 to 60 seconds on the internet

What happens every 60 seconds on the internet.

Not to worry, our parental controls can protect your family.

What happens every 60 seconds on the internet
A Dad and son using the internet without internet filtering

Content Filtering

Wixio and Marco are parental controls that provide web-based content filtering. They block unwanted sites and content keeping your family safe. Wixio and Marco parental controls can filter based upon young children, older children and young adults. With numerous categories you can filter what you need. 

Integrated Google filtering with safesearch monitoring, Bing strict searching parental control, and YouTube restricted safemode are just a few of Marco’s features.


Wixio is an app for iPhone or Android that provides a kid friendly internet by blocking inappropriate content.  Its safe-searching option stops prying eyes from even searching for unsafe and inappropriate sites.

Wixio’s ability to filter YouTube videos with several different filter levels makes sure your kids are watching age safe videos.

Also featuring Location Tracking and App Management.

Be in control of what your kids view on the internet.

Time Management icon

Time Management

Parental time management restricts internet access to specific times for your chosen devices and stops late night surfing.

Block Ads

Surf the web without annoying ads!
Blocks banners, pop-ups, tracking, malware sites and more.

What makes us different

Simplicity – Wixio and Marco is easy to use and easy to setup.

Sophistication – We are more than just a simple website filter. It’s protection for your whole family.

Marco is an internet content filtering router that can provide you with safe kid friendly internet experience for everyone in your family.

Wixio is an App that goes anywhere and can protect devices at home and away.  With added benefits such as App Management and Location Tracking, it keeps your kids safe outside.

Featuring YouTube parental monitoring, Google safesearch and Bing strict searching, Wixio and Marco provides the safest of searches.

Marco Parental Control Router