5 Parental Controls You Can Use

1)  Setup times your kids can use the internet. This should be clearly communicated so that when its time to turn off they know the expectation. Make a place within your home outside of where they normally use their device that they put when they are not supposed be offline.
Son surfing the internet with web filters applied
2)  Turn off app downloading. This can easily be done on most devices. You should be the one controlling the app downloading password and never allow free apps to be automatically downloaded without the password. If your child wants to download an app, they should come to you first.
3)  Periodically review their browsing history. Make it clear that you do check their history. Various devices also have the ability to prevent browser history deletion and if so enable that. The goal is not to catch them but let them know you are monitoring them.
Kid safe searching the internet
4)  Categorize what is appropriate and what is not for your kids. Make it clear to them that surfing to particular sites is not appropriate. Setup consequences if they do. Some consequences could be loosing their device for set amount of time or loss of an app for a specified time.
5)  Be aware of what and where your kids are going online. Encourage them to use their devices in common places within your house and not just behind closed doors. They are less likely to view something if they know you are around.


6)  Invest in a device such as Marco that can do the above including Safesearching, YouTube filters, Content Filtering, Ad blocking and more.

Protect your family and kids from inappropriate content and websites with complete parental controls.

Block unwanted sites and content.  Keep your family safe!