What is the best parental control app?

What are the best parental controls?  Asking a question like that is similar to asking what is the best car? Well that depends on what you want – a fast car, a family car, an economical car.  There is no general answer but rather you need to identify what key features are important to you and your family.

Parental controls can be classified into two groups, apps and hardware.  Apps also include software.  There are pros and cons to each.  Apps are device specific and only filter one device. They are subject to removal by the user as well.  The pro to apps is that they can finely control a specific device.  Hardware can filter whole networks efficiently and provide a comprehensive set it and forget it environment.  The key to hardware is to make sure that it can handle your network traffic efficiently.

Features of parental controls are the best way to evaluate a solution for your family.  Some families need time management, others need to filter specific sites or content, and yet others would like to prevent inappropriate videos or searches.  First determine what you need in a parental control and next compare the product features that are out there.  You will find that some products are stronger in certain features than others.  Also realize that over time, your family changes and along with that the features that you thought were no longer important become important.  For instance, today your kids may need time management to limit screen time and tomorrow they maybe searching YouTube and watching obscene videos.

So what are the best parental controls?  Well start with what’s important to your family.  List those, then do a search on parental control products.  Make note of their strengths and compare that to your list of features you must have.  In the end you will find the one that works for your family.  Yes it takes some homework, but in the end your work will pay off in a parental control product that makes sense for your family.

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Son surfing the internet with web filters applied