Black Friday and Cyber Monday online safety tips

Some online safety tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Beware of Fake websites.  There are lots of hackers trying to get your information.  They send great emails offering unbelievable deals just to steal your account information.


Shop on secure websites.  Make sure that before giving your information that you are using https in your browser and/or it says the site is secure.


Go with the trusted retailers.  You will find many websites with great deals, but stick with the ones you know.


Update your antivirus software.  Hackers will prey upon those people that don’t have the latest antivirus software knowing there are vulnerabilities.  Update it now.


Don’t trust unknown links in your email.  With great deals comes the links.  If the link is unfamilar don’t click it.


Save your payment confirmations.  This is just great practice so that when a dispute comes up you can provide the information to your bank easily.


Avoid unsecured wifi networks and public computers.  Shop at home using your computer.  Hackers often are waiting at these unsecured wifi networks and public computers just to steal your information.


Use a credit card.  Don’t use your debit card.  Credit cards offer more protection and are better at remediating deals that have gone wrong.

    Protect your family and kids from inappropriate content and websites with complete parental controls.

    Block unwanted sites and content.  Keep your family safe!

    Son surfing the internet with web filters applied