How do I choose the right web filter? Questions to ask.

With so many apps, software, and hardware devices that filter the web, determining what the right one for your family is important. The subject of web filtering is a huge topic ranging from antivirus/malware to content filtering for kids. So how do you know which one is right one? A few simple questions can help you.


  • How customizable is it?

Knowing what you need to control and what you can control matches the proper filter to your family needs. Do you need antivirus, web content filtering, spyware, access controls, etc?


  • How is the filtering list maintained?

Is the list updated every month, well that might be okay if it is a list of websites but not so much for antivirus which needs real time updates. Again determine what the primary usage of the filter – is it for content control or perhaps antivirus.


  • Can you control access by time of day?

This is an important one especially for kids. As parents we should set limits on screen time. Can the web content filter set time limits on access. How easy is it to configure and change those bounds? Can you change those bounds per device?


  • How easy is it to suspend filtering to allow access to something you need?

Can you easily suspend filtering when you need to? Can you suspend it per device? These factor into the usability of the product.


  • Does this mean it’s easy to circumvent?

If you can circumvent it, then probably your kids can to. Is it sufficiently password protected.


  • What does it filter?

What types of things does it filter? Take a look at the categories. Does it do safesearching and youtube filtering?

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Son surfing the internet with web filters applied