Complete Guide to Ensure Parental Control on Instagram

Instagram is a leading social media platform that has become the go-to social media app for consuming and sharing information and content. In other words, if you see your kids taking a picture of themselves or ‘a selfie’ as they call it, chances are that the snap will end up on Instagram. But, that’s not only your kid who’s doing it.


Everyone, even adults, is using Instagram for both personal and business purposes. And that’s exactly why you should care about your child’s Instagram activities. In this post, we show how exactly parents can take over their kid’s Instagram activities and regulate them without causing any fuss. If you are a parent, this post is just for you. Let’s get started!


Instagram Features You Should Notice


Before you get started, you must get acquainted with some of the important features of Instagram. These are some of the commonly used features and should give you a good platform to start with.


1.   Direct Messages


Direct Messages or DMs are nothing but simple direct messages that one can send to one or more people. These can even be sent to accounts you don’t follow.


2.   Disappearing Messages


Taken from Snapchat, this feature allows the sender to choose whether or not he wants the message to stay in the chat. If you go for disappearing messages, the recipient can view the message only once.


3.   Instagram Stories


Stories are nothing but 15-second videos or sometimes an image that can be posted, not like regular posts. The stories are uploaded separately and can be accessed from the top of your feed. You can upload text, slideshow, video, or even go live using stories.


4.   Instagram Reels


It’s a new feature on Instagram that is designed to include the recently trending short-videos format.


5.   Instagram TV or IGTV


Have a video longer than one minute? You will be asked to use IGTV when you are uploading the video. It is an Instagram platform that is designed to view long videos.


How to Monitor Kid’s Instagram Activity?


1.   Create your own account and follow your kids


Get in the dirt! To understand Instagram better and have a firmer grip over your kid’s activities on it, you will need to create your own account and start following your kids. The moment they allow you to follow them, you will have access to crucial information.


2.   Follow accounts of people your kid is friends with


Next, start following people your kids follow. Go to the ‘Following’ list and start sending everyone you find there a ‘follow request’. Not just that, go ahead and check out the followers i.e. the people that are following your kids. These are mostly the people that know your kid well. Don’t forget to follow them.


3.   Get hold of your kid’s account credentials


It’s important and you should have it. You might ask – why not do this instead of everything you have read earlier? Well, it’s inconvenient. Logging out of your account and logging in to your kid’s account takes time and Instagram might block you if they found you doing this frequently. However, you should have the information (username and password) if you ever needed to review their accounts.


4.   Do surprise checks (together)


Sit down with your kid and start going through their feed. You can do this either randomly or schedule the check.


5.   Use a third-party online activity monitoring app


There are many third-party online activity monitoring apps available in the market and some are absolutely worth it. These will give you enormous visibility and help you glean from your kid’s feed.


Expert Tips to Make Kids Use Instagram Safely


But, you should also make sure you make the entire process of monitoring the kid’s Instagram activity more humane. How do you do that? Well, you do that by making the kid a part of the drive. Here’s how you can do it.


1.   Have an open discussion


Open the conversation, parents! Take the initiative and don’t be afraid of having an honest conversation. Convey your feelings and allow the kids to share theirs. Learn how to use social media from your kids and actively participate in technology. Remember, you are a parent that wants the kids safe online. You are not a dictator trying to rob your kids of their internet freedom.


2.   Tell kids to be conscious online


Your kids should not blindly follow people online. Instagram is a sea of content and the content they consume is definitely going to make an impact. Encourage the kids to use Instagram productively by following profiles and hashtags that help them achieve their goals and make life better. Most importantly, they should be able to distinguish bad content from good content. Help them make the distinction.


3.   Say and make them learn to say ‘no’


Tell them it’s okay to say no. Tell them to say no or block if they find someone trying to have an uncomfortable conversation. Next, don’t be afraid to say no if you don’t like what your kids are posting on the platform. You are a parent and you have all the right to tell them what not to do. Again, attach the decision with a ‘why’. It will make it more impactful.


4.   Block people using Instagram’s safety features


There are many safety features in Instagram that can help kids and you to filter out the wrong content, comments, and conversations. Tell the kids to enable Instagram’s safety features and report/block profiles that are bullying or harassing.


Final Thoughts


There you have it. Instagram is not a very complicated social media application and we are certain that you will be able to get hold of it sooner than you think. Most importantly, you will find it easy to monitor your kid’s activities on the app and ensure they are safe online. Want to know more about ways you can monitor your kid’s online activities? Connect with us today!

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