Configuring MITM

HTTPS security

Configuring MITM

HTTPS protocol was designed to securely transmit information between internet web browsers and web servers.  There are two reasons to setup MITM.

1)  Marco works on several different layers and can to a large extent block inappropriate websites without decrypting this traffic. However, when Marco deems a site to be inappropriate it displays a friendly page to the user. If the site is HTTPS, this page will not be displayed correctly instead the below will be seen. In order to properly display the informational page, click on your operating system below to follow the directions on installing the Marco certificate.

2)  If you have configured “Enable MITM on sites”, you will need to configure MITM so that you do not get any browser errors.

Web Filtering MITM enabled on site

To configure MITM follow the guides below.

Access Denied page or MITM enabled on site without MITM

Example of a missing Marco Parental Control certificate.

Access Denied page with MITM setup correctly

Example of a Marco Parental Control blocking a page