Configuring Explicit Mode

Explicit versus Implicit mode

Implict versus Explicit

Marco operates as a proxy which filters internet traffic. It can operate in two modes, explicit and implicit. For most networks, implicit works fine; however in some cases explicit proxy is a better choice.

Implicit proxy operates seamlessly with devices. The device has no knowledge that is being filtered and there are no settings on the client. All traffic is filtered in this mode. There are some non-web applications that do not do well with implicit proxy, therefore explicit proxy should be used. Explicit proxy will filter only specified applications and requires the application ((i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) to be configured properly on the device. In explicit proxy mode, only applications that are configured to use this mode will be filtered. Below are directions to setup up explicit proxy for various applications.

Step 1 – Setup Static IP for Marco


Step 2 –

To use explicit proxy mode, you must NOT connect to the Marco network, but rather your wireless network provided by your ISP (i.e. Comcast, Xfinity, Time Warner, etc).


Step 3 –




Internet Explorer