Are there subscriptions fees?

Our router product, Marco, has no subscription fees. Our cloud based product, Marco wix has a monthly fee.

Do you filter https traffic?

Yes, there are a few setup requirements but we can detect https content.

How does marco work?

It connects to your existing router and provides wired and wireless networks that are filtered for content, website access, ads and time management.

Is it easy to setup?

Yes, less than 5 minutes.

Is marco a router?

No it is not. Marco simply filters for inappropriate content, website access, and ads. It works with your existing router.

My wifi signal isn’t that great, what do I do?

Position Marco in the center of your house and add a wifi range extender to those areas where wifi coverage is poor.

The internet is always changing, how do you make sure you are filtering correctly?

Our filtering lists are always kept up to date by companies that specialize in antivirus, website classification and ad blocking.

What devices does marco work with?

Just about everything that can connect to the internet including laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones.