How does it work?

Wixio and Marco
Marco Wix Parental Control Network

What is Wixio?

The Wixio app is available for Android and iPhone devices.  It provides content filtering for the internet.  It integrates safe-searching to make a kid safe available internet.

Advanced features include YouTube filtering, time limits, and ad blocking.

Are your kids visiting inappropriate sites or viewing internet content that is unsafe or unsuitable?  Wixio can help stop that.  Easy to setup and easy to monitor.

How does Marco work?

Marco is a wireless router that connects to your existing internet provider’s router.  It provides a secure wireless and wired environment that all your devices connect to. It provides 24×7 protection to your network including laptops, tablets, phones, TVs, game consoles. Its protection includes parental control content filtering, antivirus, schedules, and ad blocking.

Marco works at the network level rather than as a parental control app so you can monitor multiple devices.  Marco gives you a comprehensive parental control monitor to make sure all your devices are safe.

Integrated Google safesearch monitoring, Bing strict safesearch parental control, and YouTube restricted safemode are just a few of Marco’s features.

How does Marco Web Filtering work?