Did you know these things about the Internet?

HTTPs filtering decrypts traffic between you and a website, typically called man-in-the-middle (MITM). HTTPs was designed to provide encryption between two points so the thought of decrypting traffic between these two points is counter productive to its intent. There are number of good reasons why you would want to do this – of course the obvious reason is for content control and monitoring. There are bad reasons as well – to hijack information that each side was encrypted.

HTTPs works by signing and encrypting content with keys. These keys are verified with third parties which your browser trusts. In order for HTTPs MITM decryption to work, your endpoint/browser must accept the signing key of the device that is doing the decrypting. This step involves installing a certificate from the device doing the decryption.

Content Filtering is key part of Parental Controls. Working in the Parental Control industry, my favorite content filter is Marco (www.kidshield.us). It features not only content filtering, but other features such as YouTube Filtering, safesearching, Time management, etc.

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Son surfing the internet with web filters applied