Internet Safety Tips you can share with your kids

The following are some internet safety tips you can talk to your kids about. Keeping kids safe on the internet top the list of things parents worry most about when it comes to the internet. Like any other subject, you should use this conversation as way to teach and shape their vision of what they do online.

  • Don’t download without permission. Marketing is big business on the internet and marketing software products is a good part of that. Sometimes it is hard to tell a legitimate download from something harmful that can be a virus, malware, or ransomware. The easiest way to avoid these malicious attacks is to don’t download without permission.


  • Don’t give out your information to anyone or websites including sign ups. Always question why does the person or website need that information. If unsure always consult an adult.


  • Keep your passwords safe and don’t share. Don’t hand these out to your friends. You should concerned about your passwords and online identity, but unfortunately others may not be and would freely give your shared passwords to others.


  • Never send pictures to anyone you don’t know. There isn’t a good reason why a stranger should have pictures whether that is of you, family members, or friends.


  • Tell you parents if you think something is not right, like a strange message. There are lots of malicious people on the internet and it’s always a good idea to talk to someone about things that just don’t seem right.

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Son surfing the internet with web filters applied