Our Story

Marco’s journey to Parental Controls

Our Story


Our founder is a dad to 5 kids ranging from nine to teenagers. When him and his wife caught a few of them looking at inappropriate web content, they set out to talk to them and lay out the consequences.  Several months had gone by and they inadvertantly found similar content on their devices again.  This time their web browsers were disabled and devices put away for a short time.  Slowly they earned them back along with their web browsers.  Several months had gone by and the kids were doing it again.

There had to be a better way.  He started researching parental control apps and devices.  A number of the products he tried were either too complicated, didn’t perform as expected, could easily be worked around, required too many steps or too costly.  Being a network engineer in Silicon Valley, he knew there was a better way.  On a Virgin Atlantic evening flight from New Jersey, he started KidShield with the goal to create an easy to use, cost effective parental control web filter that would do what it said.

Fast fowarding a year later with countless research hours, algorithm designs, prototyping and testing, Marco parental controls were born.  Marco’s journey started from a need to provide a kid safe internet that wasn’t being met by other products.  Recognizing that providing a kid safe internet at home through Marco hardware wasn’t enough when your kids are out at school and friends, the Wixio app was created.  Using similar technology, the Wixio app protects individual devices anywhere in the world.

Happy to say, his 5 kids are enjoying Marco’s protection today.  Yes, once in a while he gets the question as to why some content was block and most often it is because it was age-inappropriate.

Marco Parental Control Router