Netflix Parental Controls: How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Netflix?

Netflix is one of the many OTT (Over The Top) platforms that have revolutionized the world of entertainment. Offering the widest range of movies and TV shows (both classics and new releases), Netflix has successfully found a way to people’s hearts. ‘Netflix and Chill’ has been a well-received social media trend as people now associate the OTT platform with unwinding. But, is it safe for our kids to use? Is parental control possible on Netflix? Can parents ‘Netflix and Chill’ and still keep their kids safe from inappropriate content on it? If yes, what do they need to do? Well, we are here to answer all these questions and more. So, stay with us till the very end!


Is Netflix safe for kids?


Yes, Netflix is safe to use for kids. It’s true that there is a ton of inappropriate content on it too. But, parents that have the right approach can make it safe for their kids. When it comes to content available on Netflix, you can choose what you want your kids to watch. All you have to do is create a dedicated ‘Kids’ profile which will make it easier for your kids to jump straight into a pool of kids-friendly content.


However, if you let your kids binge-watch their favorite shows, you are asking for trouble. ‘Binge-watching’ can be very addictive for kids since they don’t have to do anything and episodes will be queued up automatically. In short, there’s something for everyone on Netflix. The problem arises when parents do not take enough precautions while letting their children access any OTT platform.


Best ways to make Netflix safer for kids


Before we go ahead and share the step-by-step procedure to help parents make Netflix safe for kids, let’s discuss some of the parental control options available on the platform. Check out these top five parental control options so you are well-acquainted with them.


1.   Protecting Profiles Using a PIN


PIN-protection is the first line of defense you have against the content your kids shouldn’t be consuming. Just create a PIN for your Netflix account and dictate the settings on your terms. More on that later.


2.   Filter Content by Rating


Almost all the content on Netflix has been rated by MPAA and TV rating systems. Netflix allows you to restrict content according to its rating. This is one of the best ways to curate a list of shows and movies your kids can watch.


3.   Remove or Block Certain Content


Don’t want to set any filters? Just go all out and block the titles that you find inappropriate for your kids. Such content will not appear on any of the profiles you’ve created on the platform.


4.   Keep Track of Kid’s Netflix Activity


Once you create a profile for your kids, regularly check for the kind of content they are enjoying in it. This way, you will be able to know your children’s liking. Go ahead and add more such content to their watch list.


5.   Autoplay Turn Off Feature


Turn off the autoplay feature to ensure your kids don’t get hooked. Netflix can be addictive and the last thing you want is your kids getting glued to the TV screens when there’s so much more they can do.


Procedure to set up Parental Controls on Netflix


Now that you know what action you can take to make Netflix safe for your kids, let’s jump to the part where you get to know the step-by-step procedure to activate parental controls. Here’s what you need to do:


Step 1: Log in to your Netflix account. Click on the profile icon and click on ‘Account’ to access information and settings related to your specific account.


Step 2: Once you are in ‘Account’, scroll down till you find ‘Settings’. Click on it to begin setting up Netflix parental controls.


Step 3: Now click on ‘Parental Controls’ which will show an array of settings you can manipulate to make Netflix safer for kids.


Step 4: Before you can change or set up parental control settings, Netflix will ask for your password. Enter your password and go ahead.


Step 5: The very first thing you should be doing on Netflix is creating a PIN. We have already shared the significance of PIN protection.


Step 6: Once you have created a PIN, scroll down the ‘Parental Controls’ menu till you find ‘Restrict by Maturity Level’. Here, you will have the opportunity to enter the age bracket of your kids. You can choose from:


  • Little Kids (6 and under)
  • Older Kids (12 and under)
  • Teens (14 and under)
  • Adults (15 and above)


The restrictions and age groups have been decided by the MPAA and TV rating systems.


Step 7: Want to run a tighter ship? Just click on the bubble that allows you to restrict all content. Once you enable that, no content on your Netflix account can ever be consumed without you entering the PIN.


Step 8: Lastly, if you want to restrict specific titles you don’t want your kids to watch, just search from them in the box under ‘Restric Specific Titles’. Search and select the titles and restrict them.


Want to get better at Parental Control?


There you have it. Now you know everything you need to do to make Netflix safe for your children. One last tip that we have for you, and this is probably the most important one of them all, is to NOT share your PIN with your kids! If you share the PIN, they’ll be able to revert the settings by getting into Parental Controls. Are you looking to make the internet safer for your children? We have the right set of tools and resources that you’ll ever need. We have put our years of experience and expertise into creating a set of tools that parents can easily leverage to safeguard their kids from the brutalities of the internet. Interested? Connect with us today!

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