Netiquette - What is it?

Online friendships are very important to young people so much so that they endure other pain or loss rather than loose access to them.  Netiquette is the standard of behavior for online interactions with others.  Here are some guidelines.


Online actions have real life consequences.  If you wouldn’t do it in real life, don’t do it online.


Be responsible.  It has been shown that games and fast paced online interactions reduce dopamine which is responsible for motivation.


If you see cyberbullying, take action.  Action includes being silent, copying the abusive message, don’t be provoked and learn about other actions you can take.


Don’t embarrass others.  Treat your online relationships as you would in real life.


Realize that what you share is public.  If you are not okay with sharing information and pictures with strangers then don’t share them period.

Protect your family and kids from inappropriate content and websites with complete parental controls.

Block unwanted sites and content.  Keep your family safe!

Son surfing the internet with web filters applied