What are things that everybody should know to be safe online?

A few things that you should do and know to be safe online.

Keep your personal information professional and limited.  Not everyone needs to know your relationship status and home address.  Limit what you put out there to those you know.  The bigger the circle, the less you should put out there.

Keep your privacy settings on.  Marketing loves to catch those that ignore this option.  They can learn a lot about you from your browsing and social media usage.  That same information can easily fall into the hands of hackers.

Practice safe browsing.  Most of our browsers alert us when a site is unsafe.  Pay attention to that and don’t simply click through.  There is a reason why it is considered unsafe.

Make sure your internet connection is secure.  When using a public wifi spot, be careful about sharing your information.  There are a lot of hackers that pretend to be a legitimate hotspot.

Be careful of what you download.  Don’t be fooled into downloading something that is going to protect your computer.  Most of these apps and programs are malware that are disgused to help you.

Choose strong passwords.  Passwords are one of the biggest weak spots.  Choose passwords that are long and a mix of letters, characters, and symbols.

Make online purchasing from secure sites.  Just because you might get a better deal somewhere else doesn’t mean the site is legitimate.

Be careful on who you meet online.  It is very easy to hide behind a keyboard.  A lot of people are not who they claim they are.  Hackers often cozy up to those they intend to strike.

Keep your antivirus programs up to date.  There are new threats everyday so make sure you are covered.

Protect your family and kids from inappropriate content and websites with complete parental controls.

Block unwanted sites and content.  Keep your family safe!

Son surfing the internet with web filters applied