What are the biggest security threats to kids?

  • What are the biggest security threats to kids?

Threats that shared in common with adults include viruses, malware, malicious sites, and downloads.  Targeted specifically to kids are free stuff messages like free music or movies or ringtones, messages that look like they come from friends.  As adults we are more savvy to these types of messages.

  • How do I talk to my kids about security?

This one is easy.  Just like adults, kids don’t want to be tricked, fooled, exploited, or taken advantage of.  Talk to them about how people want to do these things and how they can very easily online.  Make them think about what they are doing everytime they go online and click a button.  Revisit the conversation over and over. Make it a two way conversation, ask them what they are concerned about.

  • How do you protect your kids computers?

Use up to date security software and make sure the operating system is always up to date.  Install antivirus and malware protection.  Content filtering is also a good idea.

  • How do you protect mobile devices?

Make sure they use passcodes or fingerprint id.  Mobile devices easily get lost or fall into the hands of other adults or kids.  When a phone is lost, make sure it is reported as stolen so no one can use it.

  • What about sharing passwords?

Don’t do it and let your kids know not to do it as well.  It is tempting to give these out to their friends but these passwords end up in the hands of others that might not be so kind. Use hard passwords to guess and keep them private.

Protect your family and kids from inappropriate content and websites with complete parental controls.

Block unwanted sites and content.  Keep your family safe!

Son surfing the internet with web filters applied