Six Things Parents Should Know About Discord

Voice chat applications are becoming quite popular among children obsessed with gaming. One of the popular voice chat application is Discord, which has quickly become a go-to online space for gamers. Popular for its chat functionality, Discord has successfully turned itself into a social network exclusively for gamers.


Along with that, Discord has become yet another challenge for parents looking to supervise their children’s online activities. We understand what parents have to go through especially if they have limited knowledge about how social networks like Discord work. Therefore, we have made sure you get to know everything there is that a parent should know about Discord. Let’s get started!


What Should a Parent Know About Discord?


Here are the six most important things that a parent should consider knowing about Discord. Let’s discuss them in detail.


1.   What is Discord


Discord is a popular free chat app supporting features like video chat, voice chat, or usual text messaging. Popular within the gamers’ community, this freeware is available on most internet platforms. This has made it difficult for parents to supervise their children’s online activities especially if they are into gaming.


2.   How Discord works


Discord uses a very simple communication protocol called IRC or Internet Relay Chat to establish communication between gamers on a server. Discord users can quickly create their own servers and channels and have complete control over who enters and exits the channels.


These channels can even be age-gated by marking them ‘NSFW’ or ‘Not Safe For Work’. But when it comes to having strict criteria to check for the content channels broadcast, Discord has some serious work to do.


However, there is no chance your kids can consume illegal content on the application. No strict criteria result in ‘secret’ channels that might seem perfectly normal from the outside. This is one thing parents should be aware of and must have an open conversation about with their kids.


3.   Why kids download Discord


Why only Discord? There are tons of applications available online that facilitate communication during a game. So, why do kids go for Discord? Well, kids love Discord because there’s minimal policing on the application. There are channels where bullying, inappropriate content, and harassment are quite normal.


The thing is that users are responsible for policing their behavior which makes communication on the application very open. However, Discord is trying its best to take the matter into its hands and stop the spread of inappropriate content or behavior on its application.


The enforcement actions, still, are very much dependent on the particular situation where the content or conversation is flagged. And the final decision is made by Discord. However, if your kid is repeatedly getting ill messages on the application, he/she can block the person using a unique four-digit identifier.


4.   Content consumed on Discord


As a parent, you should know the kind of content your kids might consume on Discord. First of all, you must know that Discord isn’t a social media application like Facebook and Instagram where content is fed by algorithms. Discord requires users to create their accounts and get invited to a chat.


If not that, they can create their servers and channels and then invite other people, generally friends, to their channels. Content in the format of video, picture, voice, or text can be transmitted or received within the channel.


Most of the conversations on Discord revolve around gaming since it a gaming-first application. But since there is no functional filter, the conversation can take different turns. Apart from gaming, you can easily find channels that openly discuss science, cosplay, cars, books, music, and more.


Then there are servers marked as NSFW or 18+. These servers are also free to join. However, users do get a notice/reminder that they are going to enter an NSFW-marked server. Content available on a server is controlled by users. To be frank, it is quite easy to share porn with friends on Discord. So, you better know what your kid is doing there.


5.   Discord in-app purchases


Here is another thing that you must know. Your kids can use your credit cards and make purchases on the application. Discord allows users to upgrade their accounts to use better features.


Although the basic chat functionality is free to use, users can make an in-app purchase and upgrade their accounts to Discord Nitro Classic or Discord Nitro and get paid benefits. Once purchased, users get to upgrade their servers, enjoy higher resolution videos, and even choose their Discord tag.


6.   Discord safety features


There are many safety features that parents can make their kids use on Discord. The safety features can be used to –


  • Block unwanted conversation, friend requests, channel invitations, and accounts.
  • Block any kind of explicit content using the Explicit Content Filter that automatically detects and delete inappropriate content.
  • Turn on Two-Factor Authentication to protect your kid’s identity from intruders.
  • Report any issue related to privacy or mental health to Discord’s dedicated Trust and Safety team.


Apart from this, make sure you have an open conversation with your kids about how they should be using Discord. They must use the application in the safest way possible and make the most of their time on it.


Our Verdict


Here’s what we think about Discord. The chat function is superb. It has been designed to perfection and helps the gamers get the job done. Now as a parent, you have to stay extra cautious when your kids use the application. Take note of the safety and parental control features available on the application and use them to full effect. Are you looking to create a safe space for your kids online? Connect with us today!

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