The Top 5 Most Dangerous Sites on the Web

Sites that use Adobe Flash graphics. Adobe Flash has become a big malware target. Some of these Flash sites also offer a free download of Adobe Flash, often times infected.

Sites that use shortened links. It is very simple to hide scams and malware behind a shortened link. If you don’t know where you are going, don’t go.

Sites that send you phishing emails that are designed to give up personal information or install malware. Beware of where the email is coming from. Attackers are becoming more efficient and creative when they craft these messages.

Sites that offer you free software that you would normally have to pay for. Most likely they are infected with malware, viruses, and trojans. Torrent sites are the worse as they have no reputation to uphold.

Sites that offer you a video program or codec to watch their videos. This is a small piece of software that provides support for a specific type of video file. These are legitimate codecs but less than reputable sites may infect these.

Protect your family and kids from inappropriate content and websites with complete parental controls.

Block unwanted sites and content.  Keep your family safe!

Son surfing the internet with web filters applied