Wixio FAQs

How do I install Wixio on an iOS device?
How do I install Wixio on an Android device?
How do I get help?

Visit our Contact Us page or submit a Ticket.

What is there a VPN symbol at the top of my screen?

Wixio uses a VPN to monitor websites and safeguard data.  The VPN must be present in order to filter and block sites.

What versions of iOS are supported?

Wixio supports iOS 9.0 or greater.

How to update Wixio for iOS or Android

For iOS

  1.  Open Settings
  2.  Tap iTunes & App Store
  3.  In the Automatic Downloads section, turn on “App Updates”


For Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Tap Menu and then Settings
  3. Tap Auto-update apps
  4. Select an option to update apps using wifi and or mobile data.
How long does it take to see website usage or app data?

Generally it takes about 20 minutes to see data from a device in the dashboard.

What do some Dashboard changes take time to take effect?

Depending on the Dashboard device change you made, it may take sometime to reach the device.  Most changes are pushed to the device and take effect immediately.  The most common issue revolves around DNS and website browser caching.  We recommend that if you don’t see the change take effect after a period of time, that you clear the device’s cache.  Please review this article https://www.kidshield.us/clearing-cache/

Why does Wixio need access to my device’s location?

Wixio needs permission from your device to access your location so we can add that information to your Dashboard under the device’s location tab.  For Android this is done in Settings->Apps->Wixio->Permissions->Location.  For iPhone this is done under Settings->Wixio->Location->Always

How do you remove Wixio from your iPhone or iPad?

There are two ways to remove it.  Automatic and Manual.


Open the Wixio app, login and select Remove Completely.  Afterwards you can delete the app.


If Remove Completely in the app is not an option or the app has been removed, you can remove it manually by Settings->General->Device Management->Enrollment Profile->Remove Management.  If you do not have a Device Management option under General, Wixio should already be removed.

What is the difference between Wixio for Android and Wixio for iPhone/iPad

Wixio for Android contains all of our features including Location Tracking, Safe Searching, YouTube safety, Web Filtering, Disabling Apps, and many more.

Wixio for iOS contains practically all the same features except is limited on the types of Apps you can disable.  This is not a limitation of Wixio but one of Apple.  If you have question about a particular App please contact us.

What to do if the Wixio profile has been removed and protection is disabled on iOS

If you or your child accidentally deleted the Wixio profile, you should get an email notification.  You can also check by going to Settings->General->Device Management->Enrollment Profile.  If Device Management is not an option then the Wixio profile has been removed.  To re-install it re-launch the Wixio app and sign-in to complete the reinstallation process.

What features are currently available with Wixio for iPhone and iPad?

Wixio supports the following features on iPhone and iPad

  • Content Filtering
  • YouTube Filtering
  • SafeSearching
  • Time Management
  • Ad Blocking
  • Easy Setup
  • Location Tracking
  • App Management
Wixio for Android is not reporting web activity