YouTube App on the Roku - Twerking and Parental Controls

A guest post from our Founder

As you may remember I contributed to a blog several weeks ago about Marco’s YouTube filter was able to do when my daughter decided to what twerking videos ( Well I’m writing again about the subject.  I was happy to conclude that Marco did it’s job handling the YouTube search she threw at it.

So what’s this blog about?  YouTube and Roku.  Our house is full of electronic devices (iPads, smart TVs, Xboxs, printers, laptops, etc) and practically all connect to the internet.  The other day my daughter’s iPad was being used by one of the other kids and she wanted to watch some YouTube videos.  She turned on her Roku TV and used the YouTube app to watch some drawing videos.  Well that got me thinking.  Marco claims to filter every device attached to it so I wanted to see what it would do with the YouTube app on Roku.  After the kids left for camp I turn on the Roku TV and did a search for “twerking hot” and was very pleased that Marco was doing its filtering job even with the Roku.  We usually use the moderate YouTube filter on Marco but if I didn’t like what I saw we could switch to the Strict mode.

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Son surfing the internet with web filters applied