Twerking on YouTube and Parental Controls

A guest post from our Founder

“I can’t watch a restricted video here” is what my 10 year old daughter said to her Grammy as we sat outside and she reached for her phone to show her a twerking video.  She was visiting us for a few weeks and of course her phone is not part of Marco’s parental control network.  The twerking video wasn’t quite what I would have liked her to watch and in fact probably not a subject she should be aware of.  She said that one of her friends called twerking videos porn but she didn’t think it was.  I guess it depends on the video. Not being under the control of Marco’s parental network, Grammy’s phone was allowed to access the video and ensuing conversation began.

As I sat there listening to this conversation about twerking, I wondered how Marco would have handled this video.  A little background first; I was motivated to create KidShield and hence Marco because of our story (  Essentially, we have 5 kids ranging from nine to teenagers who are curious about what they hear at school, their friends, and the internet. Marco’s journey started from a need to provide a kid safe internet that wasn’t being met by other products.

So back to how Marco was going to handle this video. I also like keeping our development team on its toes so this was going to be good test and I was hoping to find something I could go back to them with.  I fired up the laptop and joined the Marco’s kids safe internet wifi.  I then made sure that we were using the YouTube Moderate restrictions.  For more stricter filtering I could have chosen the YouTube Strict restrictions but I wanted to see what Marco can do on its least restrictive settings.

Son surfing the internet with web filters applied
For the real test, I went to YouTube and did a search for “twerking hot”. Below is what I saw.  Not too bad and I wouldn’t mind my daughter looking at this.
Son surfing the internet with web filters applied
I then joined Marco’s parent’s wifi network and did the same search.  Holy cow, these were the results.  I certainly wouldn’t want her to see these and would probably agree this was bordering soft porn.
Son surfing the internet with web filters applied

I am pleased to say Marco is doing its job in our house.  Though a little disappointing that I couldn’t take anything back to development with, I know as a team we have done a good job at protecting kids from inappropriate YouTube videos.

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